Beautiful places for a winter wedding

Beautiful places for a winter wedding

Beautiful places for a winter wedding ,

times Imagine the following scene: It snowed all fresh, the world is quiet and you step to your loved ones, so that you can give the node. There is indeed little more romantic than a beautiful winter day. Today, we give you some tips of places where you can enjoy a winter wedding really.


An isolated castle on a hill, around beautiful snow white. The brightness of the snow perfectly match the bride's wedding dress. Good idea, right? Practically, in a castle which for most large rooms with high ceilings. In other words, it has space for many guests and the acoustics are fantastic. The downside: It can be very cold, so the rooms are not isolated or renovated. But if it pays in evaluating the location, there should be no problem. Well suited for a wedding, for example, Ragaz.


Schloss Another special place is a tipi, or rather several. Because tipis can be heated and be bigger than you think. The downside, however, is that you must have several tipis for a large wedding party, so as not to be in the same room together. However, you can also resolve this problem, in which one can place the tepee and outside Situation before the actual location. So you also have outside a warm and cozy place for those same-needed rest. Good suppliers are located mainly in Germany, one of which is the Tipi event.


Especially in winter, it's nice to have hot and still the white landscape outside watching. Especially for small locations celebrations are suitable with veranda. Only not quite easy to find. The advantage is certain, however, the calm state of mind is brought inward. A good example is the Giardino Verde.


The most beautiful, but is a great cozy chalet. After all, what is best for the winter these beautiful wooden trinkets. If the equipment is always true, the dream winter wedding will be at hand. The fire warms the guest sitting on the skins and through the window you can see the snow falling. An example of this are the chalets in R├╝mlang.

Everyone has their own favorites when it comes to winter wedding venues. As you can see, you can celebrate beautiful weddings in the snow and cold. Do you have a personal favorite, where you could celebrate a wedding in the winter?


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