And if I were to marry tight? All you need to know!

And if I were to marry tight? All you need to know!

And if I were to marry tight? All you need to know! ,
Well, good choice of close , in fact, is a robe widely used in weddings there might be a choice apt .
because it is appropriate to bring this great kindness to know the rules for a tight attitude and its facets so as not to commit error style or small digits in such an important day like the fateful "Yes."
Yes, because not always it is advisable to wear tight or semi-tight, depend by a number of factors ...
Let's do some 'clarity ...
first, tight clothing and tight half are " broken " or the jacket and pants are made in different color shades. This last fact is pinstripe and gray while the jacket is plain black or dark gray with "code" famous and unique . The vest, however, also is light gray units and can also be double-breasted. Normally combines a special link called Chest in shades of gray.

Being a dress broke the rules see the label ONLY for weddings Day not for the evening. England is the dress over marriage used and must also wear so-called "strong men" of the ceremony than boys (if men) and the relatives of the couple. In kits with or interference fit even the bowler (cylindrical gray or black hat to wear outdoors only), stick and white gloves (it should not be never worn, but hand-carried). shoes and black calf socks without dovetail strictly blacks in Lisle.
What is, however, half-tight?
The medium is very tight as tight to the vest, however, has no code and always, as the tight, closing with a button cover in the same fabric of the jacket.
E recommended if the ceremony is less formal and opulent and does not provide for the obligation of bowler hat, cane and gloves.

Even half apply the same tight rules label to be too tight and a broken not expected for evening weddings, but always and only for ceremonies day.

If you then ask if you can wear it in the evening ... the answer is NO . For evening, if you want to have a very ceremonial dress suggest a coat or a classic dress elegant black, with white shirt and black shoes.

In recent years mode and trends have changed and with them also combinations this wonderful dress.
Specifically, while remaining linked to single cut jacket with tails, it is not uncommon to find tight with colors different such as blue jacket and gray pinstripe pants not, and still other combinations of color.

In this case, you lose some original tradition prefer tight manner with a touch of originality.

I do not want to speak opinion personal about it is my duty to inform all future husband of existing rules behind a tight or half tight after everyone is free for its choice . And " UPDATE YOUR ! I can only advise you to wear what you feel please and satisfied so we can make the most of this special day forever, however, with an eye to tradition and a ton of good. Knowledge is power!

Question ...

E 'right spending a lot of money to buy a considering tight then it will be very difficult if not impossible (at least in Italy) reuse? so do not risk leaving it in collecting dust for years and that of the closet married?
Response ...
I declare that I do not do accounts in your pocket to everyone and everyone is free to spend money like better he believes. Anyway
Dell'Orto for Haute Couture we have possibility to give you that beautiful even dress HIRE . You got it! So you can enjoy a wedding history containing significant costs without sacrificing Max elegance!

In all cases, corrected , for my part, also do this account . Many newlyweds just save (rightly) money can opt for car . I remind you, however, that the tight is a very elegant dress, and as such should be brought and made capacity, class, confidence and determination.
If you do not have never wore a classic suit, a jacket or tie, or if you have a lot rarely in your life, so be careful because that with a tight, you might be a little awkward, uncomfortable and voice.
Do you know what costs rent?

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And "good deepen case by the different choices and ponder them with an overview. not press case call us for any questions, please write to Comments or transmitted by us in the studio. Our advice is always FREE!
We are waiting. dress well!

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