Welcome to all brides and grooms!

Welcome to all brides and grooms!

Welcome to all brides and grooms! ,

Dear reader, I give you


in my blog where the projector will be there always and only you


Finally, from today, you will not be alone in the company this wonderful journey that will lead you to the altar because your side, I'll be there, I will try to help you, advise you and guide you to get in the way [better for the day of the fateful " Yes " that is, with absolute dress appropriate you, your character , your way of being, the your personality, while 'now and the environment in which will place the ceremony and festivities. on this occasion, you will need to be TOP , just so you can take with you on your Princess and accompany him in life.

Who am I telling you all this? Discover the " About me " of this blog you will find in the top menu.

Now I would like to devote myself to


this blog.

aims of aid married in a variety of choices that are coming forward, the coat color, model, measures. Every detail of customization must be studied in detail, the color of the lining, the type of buttons and more until you get the inevitable accessories correderanno holding your marriage .

Specifically, I will offer my consultation to reply in detail to your comments you can leave below each article.

regularly write articles rich useful content, tips and "rules of etiquette" trying to deepen not only the world related to the dress in its most technical part but also the appearance psychology related to this important choice that often varies from person to person

in this blog not talking about flowers, venue, catering, music, hairstyles and so why is not my domain , and surely there are talented dozens and dozens of bloggers and professionals from me. Here you go and speak only clothes and especially clothing of GROOM and golf accessories.

in short, dear friends will see it. for the moment, it is, keep follow , write below your comments and questions and I recommend .... Dress well!


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