Are you really sure you want to pay for your wedding dress?

Are you really sure you want to pay for your wedding dress?

Are you really sure you want to pay for your wedding dress? ,
How do you know if the dress you buy or not [good quality?
And yet ...
that tells you price you have been asked corresponds to reality quality dress? It is perhaps the trader wants to impose something by taking advantage of the fact that " so it blends so it is ready to buy any figure" ?


You have to care because the world of "clothing is very large and the catch is around the corner.
Absolutely the first thing I suggest check is the raw material with which the suit is constructed that is, " substance ."

The clothes to be qualitatively valid must be made at least LANA . It can be 100% wool or possibly mixed, but make sure it is mixed with other fibers natural as SETA or LINO.

Often the clothes you see on the market are made of 100% viscose or polyester, acrylic, or at best with a mixture of these fibers not are natural but synthetic.

Well thank you of info tell you , but how do I know if a dress is made of wool or polyester?
not just ask the clerk or the clerk to see the label " normally found at inside of one of the clothes inside the pockets. And one of your law no one will be denied. so you see the composition of the dress and the lining. This way, you can also indirectly probe the level of knowledge of who is in front (often charged with the sale who know less than you ...) and at the same time understanding the same level or even you are not of unwary , and you know your stuff.
OK, now, "the differences .

essentially synthetic fibers (acrylic, viscose, polyester and so on.) Have a great advantage that is economic should ( conditional use voluntarily) cost much less. In contrast, however, not be natural, they do not allow breathability skin by blocking everything that has to do with perspiration (plastic bag effect).

The LANA, however, being a fiber natural provides great breathability and a better ability to work well as a significantly longer life. Costs, pay a little attention and most rely on fans and industry professionals (of may be slightly higher or, in some cases, equal to others.

There are certainly that tissue which assesses the quality and cost as a result of a dress, it is clear, it is also analyzed the mode of packaging , and (the we will see in another article Blog ), but this is definitely a great from .
Often, the best known companies in the world and is recognized marriage in the classical world, prey to the need to reduce costs to recover margins, significantly reduce quality clothes from the raw material, selling at the same price today in acrylic or polyester clothing that were previously wrapped in wool.
Ok what we have now and ask me ...
" Yes, but what I pay, then a synthetic suit and as a wool suit to avoid disappointments "?

is a legitimate question, but the answer is not so simple. I'll try to do some clarity follow me.
A dress Summary packed (polyester or viscose, etc.) estimated that not is a bespoke suit and that achievement normally not is sewing but industrial from my point of view should not exceed 0, 300 euros (collect the cost of the brand for a house most renowned in the world of marriage) in each case for a dress like this will be discourage to spend more than 500 €. It is clear that if you are in love with one of these models, you tried, you are incredibly well and makes you feel cool and also spendetene thousand EUR without problems, but know that the real value head is another!
the thing changes for dresses in wool (the world of wool is very large and I'll talk more in another article), however, in equal treatment (industrial and not fit) the cost can range from 400 to 700 € depending on the fabric chosen.

In the clothing world, especially the " custom " Prices increase of EUR 800 ... and on ...! In any case, on average, a dress fashion "to measure" the wool over or wool and silk can cost at least by us Dell'Orto Haute Couture of 00 to 1300 euros (again ... on average) while still depends on the chosen fabric and type of work. of course, the boss will be achieved only for the customer, on its measures and above will be [1945002personnalisé]
in every retail such as the lining, buttons, lapel and more.
it will spare all "pipe" on Made in Italy to Made in China or made in vattelappesca not because it is not important on the contrary, but because we already know all about it and why I put in comparison only clothes made in Italy . The rest does not even in account .
Vien saying that if you see and try on a dress marriage in a store, and note that it is made of 100% viscose or polyester (watch someone impersonating the viscose fiber as natural, but it is not) at a price of
€ 10 ....
oh ... do your considerations, you now have the knowledge decide!
If you still have a bit of doubt remember that the reviews here are all and especially my Board in the studio are always free !
I recommend dress well!

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