Dare to be a veiled wife

Dare to be a veiled wife

Dare to be a veiled wife ,

If you plan to wear a veil with her hair, we want to bring you some ideas . We like the veiled wives, modern, bold, does not want to give this supplement. If you do not want to take throughout the wedding, you can wear it for the ceremony and remove it for holding and thus carry two types of hairstyles and vary your look.

There are thousands of ways to combine the important thing is to find a way you'll be comfortable and also promote you. To know what type of sailing and how to get it, we recommend that you check with your makeup artist and hairdresser , they advise you according to your specifications and the type of dress that you will wear. We stayed with the advice of Rocio Cave I'm pretty never fails!

take this opportunity to share the fantastic work of Bell Incarnation , photographer Seville, with a very personal style that we love. We wanted to share with you all these wives as spectacular and most importantly, real, who bet on the headscarf on her big day.

Encarnacion campanario Encarnacion campanario3 Encarnacion campanario4

Encarnacion campanario

Covering the entire face, from the bottom to the cap with a crown ... Choose one for you and radiant look to your best wedding!

velo para novias
Photo: Pinterest
novias con velo13
Photo: Christian OTH
novia con velo11
photos : Pinterest
novias con velo y tocado
from left to right: touched Le Touquet, Pinterest
photos :. Pinterest
novias con velo14
Photo: Pinterest
Photo: Pinterest
novias con velo16
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do you think that in collected or wear your hair?

B-different !!

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