Wedding Dresses 2015 Laure Sagazan

Wedding Dresses 2015 Laure Sagazan

Wedding Dresses 2015 Laure Sagazan ,

Spring is here and so it seems, the weather will stay during Holy Week. What joy! Although I have to work on a couple of decorations, the rest of the time on'll take to get some sun and relax to the fullest, that may be delivered!

To celebrate this time with us wanted share with you the collection of Sagazan 2015 Laure, a French designer as sure a lot of knowledge. Although his workshop is located in Paris, here in Spain, specifically in Madrid, you can also find their designs in stores Zurbano Asoka Flower Street, beside these dresses are beautiful invitations.

dresses for this collection in 2015 remind me of the good weather and spring. They are very romantic designs with lace and adjusted to the hip that reflect naturalness and elegance. have a very feminine style.

Although I am not in favor of necklines or backs of vertigo for wedding dresses, in these drawings the combination of lace and the soft fall of the fabric make it perfect!

2015_f3_AK_2211 2015_f4_AK_2274

Laure de sagazan 8

laure de sagazan 9 Laure de sagazan7

2015_l2_AK_0422 2015_o2_AK_3113 2015_o3_AK_3147

also a collection of timeless dresses where you can see perfectly the style and concept of the creator. Do you like as much as me? I would marry a thousand times to take each of them.

_MG_8380 IMG_6263 Laure de Sagazan 2 Laure de Sagazan 3 Laure de sagazan

Surely more than you already have your design in the closet ready to be released. If you have not yet dress What do you think of these collections? Elegiríais a like for your wedding?

B-different !!

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