Preserve your wedding dress

Preserve your wedding dress

, Preserve your wedding dress

1 The best day of your life is over, but the memories will last a lifetime. your wedding dress raised with such beauty and grace, and now it's time to put them away. Many brides feel they can get their clothes, give, save for his daughter or sell them to the desired screen. Every girl dreams of her wedding dress and what they look like in her dress. After the wedding is over, you do not even want around the end of the night you take your dress. I felt like a princess for the day is one you will never forget .

This is a touchy subject for some. Immediately after marriage most women also want the wedding dress beautiful as the day they were keeping it. Unfortunately, over time, can make sense begins. Become each pull to show everyone or just to look right for you? If you've forgotten where it is?

There are many different options available. Here is an idea that can be good for you.

If the dress down to your daughter want to continue, you must be willing to accept that they do not want to wear it. styles and trends change so often that your dress is not the choice of your daughter, more, by their nature, it is not worthy. your daughter can be forced to wear it, so if you do not want to feel bad, do not offer the suggestion. You usually like, know that your dress is available, and if it really wants to see them, they will tell you!

what sells? The cost of wedding dresses can be astronomical, so why not a little money back? to send store or an ad in your local newspaper in one shipment. There are stores, even for Bride or online sites such as eBay or Amazon, used gowns for sale.

Have you ever turn your dress her in a baptism or first communion dress have? Especially with your first born daughter ... Wear what. A great way to spend

"> And of course, it is too small for you to say that her "wedding dress is not the way, Mama."

what is "throw" with this new trend of your dress? dip in the pool, playing on the beach, wallow in mud or dirt ... it would not be my first choice, but it is certainly becoming more popular, and imagine the fun and conversations that accompanied the images. really hard Looks like a few thousand dollars on a spending robe and then roll in the mud, yuck!

Have you thought about giving back ? a good idea is to make your dress for a charity donation as the breast cancer Foundation or Brides across America. Just know that a smile on someone's face with a less happy person can more satisfaction than you can imagine.

If none of these ideas work for you, and you're a traditionalist, then clean the dress immediately after the wedding to make it professionally maintained and put it in a box. Who knows, one day you will need to open them.

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